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Miracle on the Hudson 2

My building is to the left of the white building just below the helicoptor in this photo: NYTimes
Update: I realized later that the building shown in the picture looks like ours but is. not. This picture was taken further down the Hudson River.

–Mike Freeman

Miracle on the Hudson

–Mike Freeman
I just spent part of my afternoon watching the rescue efforts on the Hudson River from my terrace. Just behind me (in the picture on my index page) is where the plane went down. It was an eerie reminder of 911. For a long time I featured a picture on my web site of my group playing for a boat cruise on Friday night Sept. 7th with the trade towers prominently showing in the background.

New update

Here's a new updated look to my site. I first posted a web site with the help of a friend back in 1997. That was the early days of the web!

Wiggle Stomp was released just after the new millennium in 2000, and In the Zone includes a tune titled "Mr. 2000". That title came in part from the ever expanding role musicians find themselves tackling (including building and maintaining web sites).

Anyway, the basic concept of the site is the same but with a new look. This blog is new as well. It will hopefully be interesting. We'll see.

Hope you like it.

Happy 2009!

–Mike Freeman