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Updates and changes everywhere!

Updates and changes everywhere! First instead of a separate song of the week page at my web site, I decided to try putting it front and center on the www.jazzvibe.com home page. Take a listen!

"Venetian Blinds" has now made its way to major online stores and is hopefully playing on radio stations near you! And, just now, for the first time ever, I signed up for a Spotify account. We'll see where that leads! I've also been very busy updating information at ASCAP, Sound Scan and other web sites, sending out emails promoting the new music and trying to fix some jumbled Mike Freeman information on Youtube and Allmusic. I'm also still trying to put some new videos together.

That on top of gigs, and preparing music and travel details for ZonaVibe's up-coming jazz festival dates in Wisconsin this weekend. Here's a nice page with details on All About Jazz https://greenbay.jazznearyou.com/event_detail.php?id=768541

I'm now taking a breather and hope to be back soon with more news!

New Web Site Page!

With the release of Venetian Blinds, I'm adding a new "Featured Song of the Week" page to the web site!

As the title suggests this page will feature a complete song stream from one or more Mike Freeman CDs! It remains to be seen if I can manage to keep it updated week to week.