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Listening Here There and Everywhere

2018 is off to a nice start, there were several gigs in January and a trip to Omaha to visit mom. While there I chopped a lot of ice in the driveway after a blizzard and, as I was eating lunch at a restaurant one afternoon, saw a single engine airplane skimming just above the tree tops before it crashed landed into a nearby baseball field. Instructor and student were both OK!

There’s been a lot of listening to the new recording on all kinds of home speakers, computer speakers, various car speakers, as well as a variety of headphones. While in Omaha
I went down and spent an hour at my favorite place to visit, Custom Electronics, and listened to the recording on some Golden Ear Triton speakers powered by a beefy clean Parasound 2 channel amplifier. I was very impressed with the Triton’s and the Parasound made them shine. The speakers, amp and recording all sounded great!

The audio for the new release is basically finished at this point and the artwork is coming into focus nicely as well. I’ll also be unveiling a new VOF logo soon that Tony Picco has come up with. Lots of fun and exciting stuff brewing this month!

–Mike Freeman