Mark Holen Three Gold Coins
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Mark Holen Three Gold Coins

Mark Holen Zambomba
Three Gold Coins, 2009
CD playing time 54 minutes
Available on CD-R only
with jewell case and artwork

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Mark Holen - Executive Producer
Mike Freeman - Producer

Songs on this CD include:
1. Three Gold Coins
2. Los Countertulios
3. The Last in Line!
4. Mirage
5. Flute'n the Mozambique
6. Me Suena Albeniz
7. Los Aires de Veracruz
8. Swing'n With Some BBQ

Mike Freeman - Vibraphone
Andy Drelles - Alto Sax, Flute & Bass Clarinet
Tom Murray - Flute & Alto Sax
John Loerke - Bass
Mark Holen - Composer, Drums, & Percussion
Rex Benincasa - Percussion
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