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Lead sheets and parts (vibes, tenor sax/flute, bass, percussion) $2.00 a piece for computer notated PDF files. Add $5 for printing, shipping and handling copies sent by postal mail (shipping fees vary on orders outside the continental US)

Lead Sheets by Mike Freeman:

Mike Freeman ZonaVibe, Blue Tjade
1. Cascade
2. Cool My Curry Down
3. Blue Tjade
4. Dance of the Dead
5. Pendulum
6. Snow Flake
7. Clockworks
8. Making Conversation
9. Agua y Piedra
10. Low Rider

Mike Freeman ZonaVibe, The Vibesman
1. Jigsaw Puzzle
2. Drifting
3. Lucky 7
4. So Long, Just Walking By
5. Vibe Descarga
6. Blue
7. Too Groovy
8. MongoMarley
9. Sahara Sunrise
10. Trolley Car
11. Vibe Descarga y Voz

Mike Freeman ZonaVibe, In the Zone
1. Mr. 2000
2. There Ya Go
3. Cha Cha Mama
4. Red Thunder
5. The Fallen
6. Afriman
7. Horse's Run

Mike Freeman, Wiggle Stomp
1. Wiggle Stomp
2. Floating
3. Last Wave
4. Glow Fuel
5. Dockside
6. Rain
7. Mint Tea
8. Omaha Freeload
9. A Breeze
10. Jasper
11. Marble race

Mike Freeman & Spellbound, Street Shuffle
1. Serendipity
2. Spring Days Summer Nights
3. Street Shuffle
4. Channels
5. Eastern Lights
6. Mystic Travels

Mike Freeman & Spellbound
1. Praca da Alegria
2. Nocturnal Magic
3. Latin Spring
4. Life Like Line
5. In the Great Hall
6. Acclivity

Collections of the music from these recordings as well as a collection of blues heads by Mike Freeman coming in the future

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