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Venetian Blinds CD Release Gig and More

ZonaVibe had a great CD Release Gig for "Venetian Blinds" at LaFonda last Thursday evening November 8th. It was great to have all the musicians from the CD Ian Stewart, Guido Gonzalez, Roberto Quintero, and Joel Mateo on the gig! Pete Nater and Steve Glusband stopped by to play some with the group as well. Anne Haas was selling CDs and good friends, Mark Barry, JR DeJesus, Erik Boyd, Kirsten Thein, and Ray's brother Kermit Mantilla, were all on hand to support the music! We had a good crowd and sold a bunch of CDs!

In other news I just posted (here and on social media) some really nice photos taken by long time friend Jess Smith of our Labor Day weekend performance at the ">Riverfront Jazz Festival in Stevens Point WI.

Grammy Voting Week

Grammy voting takes place this week and next. Venetian Blinds is in the running! Apart from that, it's always interesting and great fun listening to all the years best music! –Mike Freeman


Please Note! Due to hurricane Michael,
our CD Release at LaFonda was postponed/rescheduled to Nov 8th!

A Year Forward

One year ago today I was at Tedesco studio finishing up the second day of my latest recording!

After several months of mixing and mastering "Venetian Blinds" was released Aug 4th, 2018. Tomorrow I have a ZonaVibe release gig at LaFonda (106th St off 3rd Ave. in Manhattan) with all the musicians from the recording. At the same time today a major hurricane, named Michael no less, is hitting the Gulf Coast. Remnants of Michael threaten to dump lots of ran on us tomorrow night but we'll be bringing a storm of new music to help fend it off! –Mike Freeman

Labor Day Festivals 2018

Just back from a whirlwind Labor Day weekend. Two highly successful ZonaVibe performances in Wisconsin! ZonaVibe with Chris Madsen, Ian Stewart, Mauricio Herrera and Diego Lopez performed at the Stevens Point Jazz Festival and the Fox Jazz Festival.

I sold lots of CDs!, made new friends, and got to reconnect with some old friends! A really great time was had by all! –Mike Freeman

An audience response:
At first I was thinking where’s the piano player. But as soon as you started playing I realized you don’t need one, and the listener doesn’t miss it! I’ve never heard a vibe player playing piano montunos. Everything was so together, that was fantastic! –Audience member, Fox Jazz Festival, WI