Stretching the Truth


Mark Holen Stretching The Truth
Mark Holen’s Zambomba
Stretching The Truth
1997, CD playing time 67 minutes

Listen to audio clips:
Blue Boogaloo
Stretching the Truth
Old Eyes

Other songs on this CD include:
El Viento Diablo
Buenos Aires
Harlem Night Music
The Gift
O Fumo Do Seu Ritmo
Plastic Buddha

Mark describes his music as "modern listening music" saying, "nothing is one thing anymore". This eclectic music is a contrasting mix of old and new bluesy jazz with an underlying carribean and Latin influence. Using Latin rhythms as a vocabulary for his melodies along with social and polictical commentary for his drum like lyrics, influenced by Eddie Jefferson, Mark melds these components into a cohesive whole for Stretching the Truth. Highlights include the striking bolero "Old Eyes", "Buicktown" a tribute to Mark's home town of Detroit, "Harlem Night Music", a percussion only piece featuring Bill Goodwin, Louis Bauzó along with Mark, and the crowd pleasing "Blue Boogaloo".

Nora York - vocals, Kurt Wiess - trumpet, Mike Freeman - vibes, David Durrah - piano, John Loerke - bass, Mark Holen - drums and percussion, guests Louis Bauzó - percussion and Bill Goodwin - drums